In Milan 2019

1.  Unlike viewing Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”, you don’t need to reserve a ticket to serve. Stop by the Exhibit Hall on Sunday, July 7th to assemble a hygiene kit for those in need!

2.  Packing something in your suitcase for donation counts as service—and it’s so easy to do! A collection bin will be available in the Exhibit Hall throughout convention. The following donation items (new items only) will benefit Opera Cardinal Ferrari and City Angels:

  •  Underwear (men and women)
  •  Undershirts (men only)
  •  Socks (men and women, cotton socks in any color except white)
  •  Unopened packages of feminine hygiene products (tampons or sanitary napkins)

3.  You can only eat so much risotto. How about serving some to those who really need it?

4.  Italians do everything in style. Service is not an exception.

5.  Service is why you became a Lion! Click here to view service projects available during convention.