LCICon 2022 Event & Seminar Highlights

Are you ready for the biggest Lions event of the year? See what’s happening at LCICon 2022.

Check the schedule for all the big events, then find out more about all the helpful seminars. Get your schedule ready.

LCICon 2022 Event Schedule

At LCICon 2022, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy inspiring speakers and engaging presentations, special exhibits, world-class entertainment and so much more. Start planning your LCICon 2022 experience now.

LCICon 2022 Seminars

Are you ready to learn from Lions experts and increase your planning skills, club service capabilities and community impact? Seminars at LCICon are the perfect way to enhance and energize your Lions experience — surrounded by like-minded Lions and Leos at the premier event of the year! Here’s a peek at what you can look forward to at LCICon seminars:

  • Hear from Lions leaders like PIP Choi, PID Chiang, ID Marciano Silvestre, and many more
  • Find out about tools that make managing your district easier
  • Listen to what New Voices in Lions have to say
  • Learn about proven strategies to make your club as strong as can be
  • Discover how you can leverage the Lions International marketing, social media, and brand kits to create high-impact promotions that will get your club noticed.

Montréal LCICon attendees can find the complete seminar details in the convention program and on the LCICon Smartphone app.


Lions United

Join Lions from around the world at the 104th Lions Clubs International Convention in Montréal to see how we can overcome new challenges as one.