In Montréal 2022

2022 is special to the Montréal (Central) Lions club for a few reasons. First, LCICon 2022 is happening in their hometown! They get to experience the International Convention in their very own community.

But secondly, it’s the 100th anniversary of the club! That’s right, the Lions Club of Montréal (their original name) was chartered September 14, 1922.

Let’s take a look at and celebrate some of the big moments in the club’s history.

Christmas cakes for the less fortunate — 1951

The Lions club of Montréal was looking for new, impactful ways to raise funds in 1951. First Vice President Tris Coffin suggested selling holiday fruitcakes. And from 1951 until 2005, this club sold 8 million fruitcakes. The club estimates that they raised and distributed roughly $24 million from fruitcakes alone. All of the money went to serving the less fortunate around Quebec.

Remembering thirty-five years of service — 1957

When the Lions celebrated their thirty fifth anniversary in 1957, they highlighted the impact of their clubs. From the foundation of their club in 1922, they had distributed more than $260,000 — which is equal to nearly $2.5 million dollars today. Quite the feat for the clubs around Montréal — which had grown to 30 separate clubs with 1,300 members.

The first three Canadian Presidents — 1974

At LCICon 1974, three Lions took this photo. But it wasn’t just any Lions, it was the first three Canadian international presidents. Montréal’s own Tris Coffin (the man behind the Christmas cake fundraiser) was president that year, after a long and fruitful career as a Lion.

Make your own history at LCICon 2022!

Don’t miss an opportunity to meet the Lions of Central Montréal, hear their stories, and find out how you can help your club make it to 100 years.