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Get the details on the Lions Clubs International Convention

Every year, Lions and Leos from around the world gather in one place to celebrate the past, present and future of service. It’s when we catch up with friends from around the world, see what’s going on in the organization, and make decisions about the future.

What goes on at LCICon?

Fellowship & Service

LCICon is an opportunity for fellowship for Lions and Leos. It’s the perfect place to reunite with friends and colleagues from around the world and experience service together.

The Exhibit Hall

At every LCICon, there’s an Exhibit Hall. Walking around, you’ll find a place to connect with Lions International staff, ask questions, learn about new resources. There’s also opportunities to share your service stories, grab new gear in the Lions Shop, learn more about our digital products in the Tech Zone and see our Foundation’s impact and donate directly.

Plenary Sessions

The Plenary Sessions are one of the main draws at LCICon. During the three sessions, Lions hear from incredible keynote speakers, listen to leaders speak about what Lions have achieved — and what’s coming next. And, of course, there’s plenty of world-class entertainment to enjoy.

The International Election

LCICon is also the venue of the annual International Election, when certified delegates from clubs around the world cast their votes for the future leaders of the organization.

The Parade of Nations

The convention isn’t all business. We also celebrate our diversity with a parade where Lions and Leos can showcase their culture and pride as they march together through the streets of the host city.


Palais des congrés de Montréal

The beautiful, colorful Palais des congrès is one of North America’s most renowned convention and exhibition centres. In the heart of downtown Montréal and near historic and cultural areas such as Old Montréal, Chinatown and the arts and entertainment district, the Palais is right next to the action! More than 5,000 hotel rooms in the Lions Clubs International Official Hotel block are within walking distance to the Palais des congrès and it is located only 20 minutes away from Montréal-Trudeau airport.

Bell Centre

The Bell Centre is the premier entertainment destination in Canada, hosting hundreds of noteworthy concerts and events each year. Known as one of the most technologically advanced and versatile venues in the world, Lions will enjoy this arena for the International Show and Plenary Sessions. Located just one block away from the Lions International Headquarters hotel and many other Lions International Official hotels, Lions will find the arena easy to access and once inside will find plenty of comfortable seating with excellent sight lines.

What’s going on LCICon 2022?

Together for good in Montréal

Lions and Leos will convene in Montréal from June 24-28, 2022. Convention venues include the Palais des congrès and the Bell Centre, with the buzzing art scene of the city and the many beautiful cafés, restaurants and shops as the backdrop to LCICon 2022.


Lions United

Join Lions from around the world at the 104th Lions Clubs International Convention in Montréal to see how we can overcome new challenges as one.