Host Committee Message

It has taken us 60 years to get here but the wait is over, Singapore welcomes our wonderful fellow Lions to our sunny shores for the 2020 International Convention. The Lions of Singapore are eager to show you the marvelous warmth and hospitality that we have experienced at every International Convention we have attended prior. There has been little else on our committee members’ minds since winning the bid some 5 years’ ago now.

Vibrant Multi-cultural and Multi-lingual City

Singapore is a clean and green island-city set in the heart of Southeast Asia, home to 6 million people of various ethnicities. English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil are the four official languages with English being the most commonly used language. Fellow Lions will find it easy as English is widely spoken and used on public signage, allowing you to easily navigate the city. Singapore has a well-developed tourism industry with guides and translators fluent in a variety of languages e.g. Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French and German. It is this diversity that defines Singapore, and has created a most unique melting pot of cultures that permeates the arts, music, literature and most importantly the food.

Diverse Dining and Entertainment

For those seeking museums and cultural experiences, beautiful parks or nightlife options, you will be spoilt for choice! Singapore constantly reinvents itself, and is home to the most diverse cooks and chefs in the world, who will whip up a storm from street food in hawker centers to Michelin-starred restaurants. If you somehow tire of eating the selection of local cuisine available, rest assured that a meal closer to home is not far away from you at all.

Safe, Open and Well-connected

Listed as The Economist’s second safest city in the world, Singapore’s world-class infrastructure will provide a memorable experience to all our visiting Lions. As a thriving and open metropolis, most Lions will not require a visa for visits of a 30-day duration. For those who do, you would likely appreciate a visa processing time of about 3 working days. We also have close to 70,000 hotel rooms across the island, many of which are in close proximity to the Marina Bay Convention Centre, connected by our efficient transport system which we trust that you will find safe, clean and convenient.

Furthermore, we are proud to have the world’s best Airport, which boasts direct flights from most major cities, and flight connections to 420 cities in over 100 countries. In fact, Lions, please take this opportunity to visit our lovely Southeast Asian neighbors. Bali (Indonesia) is beautiful this time of the year, and so are Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

We look forward to hosting you in 2020!


Charlie Chan

Chairperson Host Convention Committee


Service in full color

Join your colleagues in Singapore, a vibrant destination celebrated for its culture and sophistication. Excite your senses at this year’s convention and show the world your unique expression of service!