In Milan 2019

We are working hard with Leos and Lions all over Europe to realize the first climate-friendly International Convention and you can help! Here are the four ways you can support this initiative:

1.  Compensate flights

Whether you are flying as a Lion/Leo or for personal reasons, you can offset the carbon emissions of your flight. Click here to calculate your flight emissions and compensate by donating the amount shown in the calculator.

2.  Watch out for the „Leo4Green“-Ambassadors and PINS

At the convention in Milan the Leos will distribute the limited Green Convention Pin in exchange for a donation. Come to the German Lions Foundation or watch out for the „Leo4Green“-Ambassadors, get your pin and show your support for the green convention.

3.  Donate for a souvenir photograph

Visit the German Lions Foundation (Stiftung der Deutschen Lions) booth in the exhibit hall and don’t miss the chance to have your photograph taken with our “Convention Lion”.

4.  Make a donation

You can help to compensate the emission offsetting by donating an amount of your choice. Click here to donate now or come to the MiCo exhibit hall and look out for the German Lions Foundation to make your donation on site.

All donations are contributed to our Lions Climate Protection Project “Efficient cook stoves for the people of West Bengal, India”. Energy-efficient cook stoves halve wood consumption, produce 50% less CO2 emissions and significantly improve the living conditions of their users. For more information click here.